The presentations are divided into 2 invited talks, one panel and 6 sessions (basically 1 1/2 hours for 3 speakers). The pure speaking time of a presentation is a maximum of 20 minutes. Following the presentations, there is time for a detailed discussion in each session.
The conference language is English.

In terms of technical equipment, each speaker has access to a computer (Windows 10), projector, internet connection and flipchart or blackboard.
You are asked to bring any presentations on a USB stick or sent it to lvi2023@iris-conferences.eu.

Every session is somehow autonomous, guided as primus inter pares by the chair. Thus, chair and speakers / panelists are advised to be present 15 minutes before the session, usually in the conference room, or, alternatively, online via Zoom. Technical problems will be solved and important information about requested personal introduction, talk, important message, etc. will be exchanged.

Your abstracts is available in the brochure of the conference, with other useful information (brochure-LVI2023). On the same website, we make your presentation and drafts available to participants, if you like.

The proceedings will be published after the the conference; deadline for submissions will be end of November 2023.